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Weekdays 8:00am
The Review - The Newspaper Headlines Review
Oby Ivy
Weekdays 9:00am
The Issue - Trending Issues
Oby Ivy
Weekday 6:00am
Morning Tea - Controversial Gist
Oby Ivy
Sunday 6:30pm
100% Port Harcourt - All things Port Harcourt from Music, Food, Places & Events
Saturday 11:00am
Kiddies Radio - Radio Time for Children (5-15years)
Oby Ivy
Weekday 7:30am
Super Breakfast Sports - 30-minute sports news program with expert analysis by seasoned guests, deliberating on key issues. Audience participatory.
Merit Jay
Weekday 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Sports Traffic: - 1 hour of analysis on major sporting stories (mostly football). Audience participatory.
Merit Jay
Saturday 1:00am - 5:00am
Weekend Sports - 4 hours of live football coverage and in-depth expert analysis on major sporting issues across the globe. Audience participatory
Merit Jay
Saturday 8:15am
PointBlank - Focuses on Politics trending stories and events on the news
Segun Owolabi
Everyday 7:00am
7am News - Main News at 7am
Segun Owolabi
Everyday 12:00noon
News at Noon - Main News at Noon
Oby Ivy
Everyday 6:00pm
News at 6 - Main News at 6pm
Weekdays 4:00pm
Pidgin News - Pidgin News at 4pm

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